Bosse Online presents “Musicianship” - a 4-part masterclass series with Grammy award winning guitarist Norman Brown.

According to Norman Brown, “musicianship is the combination of a musician’s technical & creative abilities”. He goes on to say that “the continuous development and refinement of one’s musicianship is the key to achieving true artistic expression”.

In his masterclass series, Norman explores the key elements that go into developing one’s musicianship with a four-part series focusing on Technique, Improvisation, Composition & Production.

Masterclass I: Technique 

Deeply inspired by Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix & George Benson, Norman Brown’s guitar playing shows homage to these pivotal figures yet with a style uniquely his own. This masterclass takes you on a journey through the techniques that Norman has developed over years of playing. Learn about scales, chords, arpeggios, warm-up exercises, octave playing and more.

Run time: 1 hour & 13 minutes

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Masterclass II: Improvisation

A master improvisor with a solid command of the jazz language, Norman Brown has spent his entire career learning to express himself on his instrument. In this masterclass, Norman teaches you aesthetic approaches to improvisation, how to adjust and adapt to different musical situations, and ways to develop artistic freedom. As Norman eloquently puts it “improvisation is the process of taking the technical elements of your instrument and transforming them into the color of life”.

Run time: 1 hour & 26 minutes

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Masterclass III: Composition

Having recorded 14 albums of original music, Norman Brown is both a gifted composer as well as an extraordinary guitarist. In this masterclass, Norman explains his compositional approach, and teaches you how he connects with audiences through the art of music storytelling. Learn how to craft songs that engage and inspire through the creative use of melody, harmony, rhythm, song form, modal interchange, and modulation.

Run time: 2 hours & 18 minutes

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Masterclass IV: Production

With close to 2 million albums sold throughout his extraordinary career, and a Grammy award for his album “Just Chillin’”, Norman Brown defines the contemporary jazz genre. In this masterclass, Norman takes you behind the scenes into his home studio to break down the production techniques used for some of his most iconic albums. Learn about texture, layering, effects, orchestration, mixing and more.

Run time: 1 hour & 7 minutes

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